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The Dive


This unique program is a commitment to growth as a Mover, Artist and Leader

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"The Dive is like a crash course in creativity and artistic expression. Justin Conte is a master in pulling out an artist's individuality, and throughout the week-long experience we were forced to face our own creativity and find methods to pull our own artistry out at any given moment. The focus was on dance, yes, we learned from some of the most talented and inspiring artists that LA has to offer, but we also took the time to discuss and workshop other creative outlets that overlap with dance and movement. LVDF came in and we talked about design and fashion, Nina Mcneeley came in and we discussed cinematography, animation, and the fine arts, and Justin himself showed us how to take an idea and carry it along to follow through with our creative projects.


I've had the amazing privilege of experiencing quite a few training programs and workshops here in LA, but none were anything like my experience with the Dive. Instead of approaching dance from the perspective of the commercial industry, Justin focuses first on the individual spirit and the culture/customs of the community. Therefore, instead of answering questions like "How can I book jobs as a dancer?" or "How do I present myself in the most professional way?" the question instead becomes "What are my values and how do I want to express myself while navigating the commercial dance industry?" Through this lens, we were all pushed so much as dancers and as thinkers and creatives. Justin (and the incredible lineup of guest faculty) offered such a refreshing outlook on how we approach dance, artistry, and training, that I took so many valuable lessons home with me that I could (quite literally) fill a book with."


"The Dive was the best dance training experience I got since I moved to LA. A true dance training experience, it's hard to explain what we lived in that room. It's really an intimate program that will change you not only as a dancer. The energy in the studio with Justin and with the other dancers was inspiring and motivating. The sense of community that was created, a safe place where I was able to completely let go are the things that I will always remember of this beautiful experience."


"Words truly cannot explain this feeling that has brewed up inside of me but if I had to pick a few that'd be, awakened, enthusiastic, and ready. I have so much gratitude for all of your teachings this week and all of the beautiful thought provoking experiences and direction you shared with me along the way! Each day was an internal challenge but with the challenges all of my fear washed away as I was able to really DIVE into my soul's movement and feeling. This experience honestly changed my life in a week <3"


"The Dive was a refreshing experience for me as a movement artist. I was reminded of why I loved to dance and that aiming for success all the time is not the only thing that matters. Justin was able to create a space which I felt very safe in and I did not feel as self-conscious as I normally would when I made mistakes. I could not recommend it enough for anyone who wants to invest some time into themselves."


“For me the dive was an opportunity to reconnect with my artistry in a space that I knew was going to be positively charged with Justin's elucent energy. However, as the days went on, this program turned into a deep dive of discovering myself. I found that my struggles which I was being critiqued on were coming from a deeply rooted place that I didn't realize was affecting my movement, even certain areas in my life. Thanks to the challenges and feedback, it brought me to a place of awareness that helped me focus in on the issue and try to work through it. Justin created a safe space with compassionate people who supported and loved me through this vulnerable process. The dive is more than just an intensive with movement, it provides the knowledge and the foundation that will require you to challenge your art and break your bad habits to help you enrich your artistry.”


“The Dive felt like a wave of a release, a blanket of safety, and a small jump off the diving board into a refreshing pool. Justin curated a frequency of genuine connection melded with dance education that allowed me to open up more about my approach to dance in general, how I can continue to grow in execution of movement, and my creative mindset around what I’m doing to prepare myself for movement on a daily basis. Each guest was such a pleasant surprise and relevant edition to the comprehensiveness week. I believe that anyone at any experience level can gain so much from the breakthroughs that I witnessed in others and myself during our week together.” 


The Dive was a revitalizing experience for me because the conversations, movements, choreography, instruction, and community honors dance beyond the steps to strengthen each participant's trust in expressing fully, honestly, and healthily. The diverse range of perspectives within dance and artistry that The Dive offered challenged me to step outside of my comfort zone and begin to build from a more responsible and purposeful place, which meant a lot to me. I will continue to own the positive practice patterns I learned, as well as confidently explore how movement and creativity can help shape a better society for future generations. 


“Being the most immersive online course I’ve had the chance to be a part of, The Dive program truly has opened my mind and heart to so much more than I could’ve imagined. I cannot simply put into words how much this program has further initiated my path of self love and self honesty not only as a human but also as an artist. I am so thankful and honored to have been a part of this community. To receive guidance from Justin and all of the other incredible mentors has truly been a dream. “


"This experience of The Dive for me was challenging but in the best way possible.  It promoted so much spiritual, mental, and physical growth personally for me. I loved connecting as much as i could with everyone who was involved over the virtual world, the community The Dive offered was unlike any other during these times, and the feedback was personal and constructive, as a mover and creator it opened my perspective to different styles and mindsets. I highly recommend this for anyone and everyone who wants to dig in deeper. this experience is something i will hold close to my heart and mind. and I will be forever blessed to be a part of it"


"The Dive is a very unique experience for me, that I never expected before. Often time, people think online training or class can be vague and awkward, comparing to in-person class. But, Justin really makes that into more intimate and supportive environment by his warm heart and love. I believe dance is mostly about mental. This program really empowered my mental, and led me to growth as a person and an artist.

Thank you Justin."


"Justin’s openness and willingness to meet everyone where they were (physically, emotionally, and mentally) made the week extra special, fulfilling, and personal. The ability to feel seen and interconnected, within this time of virtual everything, allowed dance to feel purposeful and good again. "


"Working with Justin was a long time dream of mine. I never thought that my first meeting with him would be online and yet it was. And it was great. I was surprised what this experience brought up for me in my body. We danced and practiced many choreographies that Justin created for us. We also learned many tips and the meaning and the depth of a feeling behind each movement. I personally learned about myself how disconnected I still am from my body and that trusting my body is my next logical step in my own internal evolutional process. 


Through Justin’s Intuitive guidance and deep awareness of what’s coming up in the the class room, he reaches out to help and guide and hold space for any process to come out and through. This experience was so alive, playful, fun and expansive in so many ways.  It was also refreshing and inspiring to learn different styles of dance and the origins where they came from as well as receiving new insights into different lifestyles with guests Justin shared with us. 


After all, Justin’s deep connection to community and the natural elements comes through in every move he makes. The depth of his approach to life and to dance was shifting us all and we were suddenly invited to experience this type of connection with him as well. 

I would highly recommend to Dive in. <3"


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