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JC x Mona 6.jpg

Photo by: Mona Namér

Moving with Justin Conte

is an organic, healing and fulfilling experience. His style of movement is a fusion of dynamic and expressive experimental dance with the soul of street styles. He is dedicated to holding a safe space for a mover to explore their Artists’ self while educating on the cultural and historical aspects of the styles explored. The work is focused on expanding artistry, body awareness and connection to rhythm. Aspects of yogic flow and ceremonial dance promote a restorative mind, body and soul experience, truly unique in nature.

This work pushes the boundary between the commercial dance, concert dance and social dance worlds. His wish is to bridge this gap, allowing the strongest aspects of all realms to UNITE under the umbrella of crowd exciting, he(art) fulfilling work.
Dance is the universal language. The goal is to not only propel this language to the present time, but also manifest its future... OUR future: filled with positive virtue. 
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